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The Young Rich and Amazing Eugene Mbugua

Eugene Mbugua
Eugene Mbugua

Eugene Mbugua is regarded as the youngest millionaire in Kenya. He has made his fortune in TV production, which he studied in university.

It was not all rosy before breaking into the millionaire ranks.

Part-Time Student

After his KCSE exams, he got admitted to USIU to study film production. Eugene was a part-time student, which gave him ample time to do other things during the day.

He became a boom swinger after he got cast as an extra in Inspekta Mwala.

He was hooked and decided to be a volunteer boom swinger.

It was a chance to learn all he could about film production.

The Posh Neighbourhoods

Eugene Mbugua decided to monetize his little knowledge of film production. He reached out to Makini School, and he got a job to teach kids on film.

He was not yet an expert, but children couldn’t tell that.

The kids had no prior experience to compare Eugene’s lessons with.

It was an eye-opening experience as it gave him enough time to ponder about some other things. 

Eugene often lacked fare to go to Makini School; he had to creative.

This would see him using a matatu to town and then walking to the school.

As time passed by, he found new routes that he would use to shorten his trek.

He noticed one thing. Young guys were living large in big houses and expensive cars.

This was in posh neighborhoods, and it got him thinking about how they made their money.

While some came from wealthy backgrounds, others were self -made.

He wanted to learn how those self-made ones made their money so he could be able to be another one of them.

The ‘Young Rich’ TV Show

An idea was born on how Eugene could chronicle their journey to be millionaires and have the show run on TV. It was a stroke of genius.

Eugene would let these young millionaires tell their story, and he would learn from them.

He would also make money from it by selling the program to be aired on TV.

This way, other young Kenyans could be inspired as well.

Eugene wrote a proposal and walked across all TV stations trying to pitch the idea.

None was willing to play ball.

It was a heartbreaking moment, but in the end, his hard work paid off.

K24 called him at the last minute, and the show titled ’ Young Rich’ was born.

Journey to Eugene Mbugua’s First Million

The first episode went on air the day after his graduation, and that is what made him his first million a month later.

He was now in business as more episodes ran on the station.

It meant more money, exposure, and a launchpad to gain more production deals.

He expanded his production outfit known as Documentary and Reality TV.

Developing More Shows

He has developed more shows, such as ‘Our Perfect Wedding’ and ‘Get In The Kitchen.’

The most recent of his exploits was producing the docuseries on Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol,’ Sol Family.’

The show also features Bensoul and Nviiri, who are under Sol Generation.

He was also the brainchild behind Concert Nyumbani, which was a one of a kind virtual concert.

It ran on 11 TV stations concurrently while streaming on social media as well.

Spreading Wings and Winning Forbes Awards

As for Eugene Mbugua, he says he is still starting as there is more to achieve

. At the moment, he has been able to spread his wings to nightclubs operating under the Number 7 brand.

With his production company alone, he employed around 40 people, depending on the projects.

Eugene Mbugua has around 20 people working at his Number 7 clubs. They are in two locations within Nairobi.

Actualizing Dreams

From wanting to be a millionaire and actualize his dream Eugene Mbugua has come a long way.

He has worked on amazing productions on TV in Kenya and across the borders.

His story is a testament to many youths in the country that they can live the dream. He has been listed on:

  • Business Daily Top 40 Under 40
  • Forbes Top 30 Under 30 Most Promising Entrepreneurs in Africa

Eugene Mbugua joins an elite club of young entrepreneurs who have built their outfits from scratch.

Through his success, he has interacted with many brilliant and successful people. He is not yet done. Eugene Mbugua is a man going places.

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Last modified: October 14, 2020